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Before I took it out to shoot it, I ran a patch of Kroil through it, then a dry patch and bore scoped it. The chamber was full of wormholes and pits. It looked as though someone had hammer forged it around a rusty mandrel. I did not shoot the rifle. Instead, I called Remington and they sent me an RA. I shipped it back to them with bore scope pictures, and within a month and a half they sent it back. The paperwork showed they had re-barreled the rifle, but in reality they replaced the entire rifle. Rifle 2 had the same problem to a lesser extent.

Remington wsm issue..

Tweet There have been reports of accidental discharges from Remington Model firearms over the years. Enough that many firearms experts clearly warned that the rifles were not drop safe and should not be stored loaded. However, Remington never made a move to remedy the issue until now.

Feb 03,  · Remington’s dating service accuracy is far from perfect. They told me two of mine did not exist. The last straw for me was when a Model Ducks Unlimited gun was listed on GunBroker with a factory letter stating it was a “dinner gun”.

Remington factory trigger, reworked and set to 2. In fact, it was news to us. So, a willing SC subscriber was good enough to provide his rifle for evaluation once Tac-Ops finished their work to the rifle. We were very curious to take a look at the rifle and see just what work was done, what features were added, and most importantly, how well the rifle performed!

The concept is not new, as there are several other well known rifle and barrel makers that offer the same type of service. So is making it more accurate enough to warrant the money and rework? For this particular write-up, the customer actually took a new off the shelf standard Remington SPS in and sent it in.

Tactical Operations then used a new P take off barrel and HS Precision stock from a P that was cannibalized for its action to build a Tango So, while the subject of this particular write-up was not a reworked P, the result is the same.

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Image courtesy of knifecenter. The name Remington immediately conjures images of firearms, ammunition and a range of other products. The brand also has a historical and current place in the world of sporting knives, though the Remington brand has occupied only a niche in the knife market in recent times. Recent developments suggest that Remington brand knives may be about to emerge as a more significant player.

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The bullet seater tip on the ramrod fits the AccuTip bullets perfectly. I was first impressed by the simplicity of using a brass cartridge case to hold the primer and to seal the breech, and was puzzled that no one had thought of this years before. Muzzle-loading firearms have been around for well over three hundred years, and brass cartridge cases have been around for half that time, yet even modern muzzleloaders have used many different ways of holding the primer to ignite the powder charge, but I have seen none that are as simple, reliable, and as easy to use as this U.

Like some other modern muzzleloaders , the U. The beauty is that the brass case is easy to handle, easy to reprime, and relatively inexpensive, compared to other proprietary primer-holders utilized in other brands of modern muzzleloading rifles. The Remington system seals the breech so well that absolutely no powder gasses escape the sealed breech, keeping the action perfectly clean, while allowing the rifle to handle a grain powder charge of black powder, or the equivalent charge of a black powder substitute, such as Triple-Seven or Pyrodex.

Like most any muzzleloader, there are infinite combinations of projectile and powder charges that can be used, but Remington markets the Ultimate Muzzleloader as a system, recommending their AccuTip sabot bullet to be used with pelletized powder charges, and doing so greatly simplifies the loading of a front-stuffer. Remington claims the ability to push their grain bullet to feet-per-second fps , using pelletized black powder substitute. The Model U. The barrel has a one-in-twenty-six-inch 1: The rifle is available in two versions, with the one shown here wearing a laminated wood stock, and having a very good set of mechanical sights.

The other version has no sights, and wears a synthetic stock. The trigger is very crisp, reliable, and user-adjustable. The sample rifle shown here has a trigger which released with right at four pounds of resistance.

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By Chuck Hawks Rem. Illustration courtesy of Remington Arms Co. The Remington Model series is the all-time best selling line of bolt action sporting rifles in the world. They were an immediate hit when introduced in and have never looked back.

Jan 01,  · Remington Year of Manufacture Codes maybe found on the barrel of your Remington rifle [or shotgun] on the left side, just forward of the receiver; the first letter of the Code is the month of manufacture, followed by one or two letters which are the year of manufacture.

Release agent, Pam, or shoe polish Dremel, file, and or sandpaper If you are going to do pillars you will also need Pillars Drill, drill press, or reamer Degreaser such as brake cleaner q-tips razor blades The purpose of pillars as I understand it is to give the action something solid to bolt onto. When we torque the action to spec about 60 in LBS we are asking a lot of the stock.

If you have an aluminum bedding block you probably do not want to do pillars. McMillan has said in the past that their stocks are so rigid that there is no need to add pillars but they will inlet the stock for pillars if you wish. Check the barrel channel for clearance to make sure that it is free floating. To do this grab a dollar bill and insert it in the barrel channel and attempt to bring it all the way back to the receiver.

If the dollar stops or drags anywhere take the action out of the stock and sand down the contact points. The most important part of the bedding process is the prep work. Take the action out of the stock and strip it down to just the action. Now what you want to do is wrap electrical tape around the barrel at 2 or three points so that the tape rests in the action and keeps the action level without pressure.

Make sure that you start your tape wrap on the top of the barrel and end in the same place.


Do yourself a huge favor and take a look at a Tikka Varmint. I am a big fan of precision rifles and yeah, the Remington was the standard after a good deal of work in terms of truing the action, changing the barrel and trigger and usually replacing the bolt. The basic action design is not bad at all it is just the mass market problem in that Remington’s quality control is just not up to par.

There are still a good many custom actions that are based on the Remington design just made with far superior equipment and quality control.

Not sure when produced, but my father was born in and my grandfather died when my dad was 6. So I can assume my grandfater got this gun just after the turn of the century. The box the shells are in, read 50 cartridges 41 short rim fire Remington arms company inc. Bridgeport conn.

Lesley Stahl is the correspondent. Alexandra Poolos, associate producer. A federal judge in Missouri heard arguments this past week in a case involving one of the most popular bolt-action rifles in American history: The company has downplayed the danger for decades and the complaints represent only a fraction of the rifles out there. And he has good reason.

I have become so accustomed to unpleasant thoughts and hardship till that has become my new normal. Pain is my constant companion. Family photos of better days show dad and sons hunting. Roger, a powerline construction foreman from Enon, Mississippi, owned a Remington Model rifle. And he bought another one for his older, then year-old son, Zac.

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A couple years back, I wrote a post here on AllOutdoor explaining some of what I know about their history of defective rifle triggers and that they had finally announced an intention to do a little something about it. Back then, I wrote that details of the settlement were not finalized, but after two years I hope they have gotten into something of a groove. More than one commenter on that older article said that even though they owned a Remington rifle of a listed model containing a trigger connector, Remington told them that their rifle was not affected.

So if you have a Remington , you might as well visit the site and go through the process. I did, and I was given two options:

Mar 29,  · Is there a list of serial numbers to identify the date/year of manufacture of a Remington BDL. I recently bought a Rem in 7 mm Remington Magnum.

Remington SPS Tactical. With the exception of the Remington shotgun, the Remington action remains the most popular gun in Remington’s entire line up. Currently to date, Remington offers nearly 30 model versions with multiple caliber options in each model. The shear number of configurations is dizzying. Both the long and short Remington actions have become the standard for everyone from the occasional hunter to pro hunting guides to target shooters to snipers.

The Remington Action is famous for its reliability and outstanding out of the box accuracy. Remington responded to a huge public request for a Tactical model lineup. The request was simply for a straightforward Remington action priced for the LEO or military shooter. Remington’s response was adding the Remington SPS Tactical model in available in various barrel configurations with chamberings in. I choose the insanely popular and combat proven.

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