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They are your best resource for information on Sub-Zero and Wolf products and availability. Availability of Sub-Zero and Wolf products vary by country. Contact your International Distributor for more information. The company has been producing high-quality refrigerators for more than 60 years. Sub-Zero is the corporate companion of Wolf, which manufacturers cooking products. Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers have their own dedicated, sealed systems to optimize food freshness and prevent the co-mingling of undesirable flavors and aromas. With custom panels, Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers blend seamlessly into kitchen cabinetry. Not only does Sub-Zero make refrigerators, they also manufacture refrigerator and freezer drawers, undercounter refrigerators, beverage centers, ice makers and wine storage units. For pricing and availability on Sub-Zero refrigerators and appliances come visit our showroom or call us at


More than 10 years Just moved into a new house that has a SubZero Ice maker was working fine until we redid the kitchen floors and had to move the fridge out of the kitchen and into the dinning room for a week. I plugged it into an outlet while it was in the dining room, but it didn’t have any water attachment for the ice maker. Anyway, after moving back into the kitchen and hooking everything up, the ice maker is not making ice.

The Sub-Zero 15” Undercounter Ice Machine ensures that you’ll never have to. It is a high-volume ice machine that produces up to 50 pounds of ice per day, and stores 25 pounds at a time. The ice itself, octagonal-shaped, is fresh and clean, thanks to an advanced water filtration system that removes impurities and reduces contaminants such.

How do you change the light bulb in the door of an Amana refrigerator? I have a side by side Amana refrigerator with the ice and water dispenser in the door. How do you change the bulb? You can remove it without taking the dispenser apart. What could be wrong with our Amana refrigerator? The hot facing is the cabinet heater that comes on to stop outside condensation wile defrosting..

Where is the water valve inlet port on an Amana bottom freezer refrigerator?

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A couple of months ago it started freezing everything in the fridge side. My wife’s uncle is an HVAC guy that usually does commercial stuff, but he stopped by to check it out and diagnosed it as a busted thermostat that was not allowing the door that regulates the flow of air between the freezer and fridge to close. The thing is, now all of the sudden my fridge never seems to go quiet for any prolonged period of time.

If the fridge isn’t fully on with the compressor going, the fridge seems to cycle every seconds between being quiet, the circulation fan? It might do that for about minutes or less before the fridge kicks the compressor and compressor fan on.

Affordable Appliance Repair in Roswell, GA. We can do that too! We service all major brands including Sub-Zero, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire. I have a new smart refrigerator. It’s less than a year old, but the ice maker is not working. The ice maker is not clogged and the freezer is getting cold.

It makes ice really fast and very easy to use and clean. I use water from my large bought water jug to make my ice and it tastes so good, Very good product for the price and makes plenty of ice for a small party or just individual use I love it. On its maximum settings, it can produce up to 26 pounds of ice every 24 hours. Special Features Include Makes fresh ice in as little as 6 minutes Produces 26 lbs.

Fill the water reservoir to the water line and select an ice setting, small or large, and the machine will begin making ice automatically. With its simple design and silver texture, this portable ice maker from Avalon Bay will match any setting, whether it’s in your kitchen, sitting at the bar, or out by the pool. It weighs only 20 pounds, so it’s portable and easy to move. The ice makers has a drain at the bottom that makes it a sinch to empty and clean.

Just plug it in and it’s ready to do. The push button controls are clearly labeled and easy use.

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The So-Clear Refrigerator Water and Ice Maker Filter is the best water filter for clean filtered water and optional fluoride removal. Our 3-Micron So-Clear Refrigerator and Ice Maker Water Filters makes ice and chilled water, free of chlorine or chloramines, sediment, algae, molds, scale, bad taste & odors, and other undesirable contaminants (see our Fluoride filter for fluoride removal) that.

Service Masters Company is the number one leader in the appliance repair industry. Our technicians are licensed and factory trained professionals. They are experienced in all major household and commercial appliances, such as: Our main goal is to make our customers happy, so there are no hidden fees, what you see is what you get. We treat our customers with honesty and integrity, while providing excellent appliance repair service at an affordable cost.

While other leading companies are trying to cut costs and get after market parts, we do what is best for our customers and order factory parts for all appliance repairs. They came out same day and fixed my freezer.

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Time to catch up It has been exactly one month since my last post. It has been very busy, but not much in the way of overt details have been happening at the house.

The Sub-Zero 15” Undercounter Ice Machine ensures that you’ll never have to. It is a high-volume ice machine that produces up to 50 pounds of ice per day, and stores 25 pounds at a time. The ice itself, octagonal-shaped, is fresh and clean, thanks to an advanced water filtration system that removes impurities and reduces contaminants such.

May 4, This refrigerator keeps food perfectly and longer but is very expensive, almost three times the cost of another refrigerator, and has no bells and whistles for all that money. No ice or water in the door. Last year it finally needed a new compressor and of course there was no more R refrigerant to be had so had to pay for not only a new compressor but R refrigerant too. April 28, One of my best purchases while piecing together a new house, great craftsmanship, well-made.

Good price for it all. Needs better air filtering though. April 27, I have so many problems with my Sub-Zero tf I have lost count. I had to replace the compressor last March and now it’s April a year later and I think I have to replace it again! The new compressor has a warranty of one year and I’m just a month past that! I feel I’m at a loss because the freezer is built into a wall and I don’t know how to replace it with a different brand that would fit.

Very disappointed for the money to buy one of these. Oh, and we were the first owners of it and have only had it since December 22, !

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If you are planning a large-scale kitchen renovation and like to entertain, chances are you are planning to have an ice maker in your kitchen plan. Most refrigerators feature an ice maker, but it can only produce up to 15 pounds of cloudy ice per day. Get our free Undercounter Refrigerator Buying Guide Most ice maker brands are able to produce up to 70 pounds of ice per day and store up to 30 pounds.

Stored ice does not last long as it eventually melts and is drained.

Sub-Zero UCIP 15″ Built-In Ice Machine with Drain Pump – Custom Panel Ready Sub-Zero/Wolf Grand Savings – Save up to $1, on packages Call for Price Subzero 15″ Stainless Steel Pro Handle Door a high-volume ice machine is a must for entertaining. The Model UCI ice maker has a storage capacity of up to

Please don’t use one of those piericing valves either! However, the copper line is a hard line and it gets crimped especially when you or someone else is careless in moving the refrigerator around to clean or whatever. Using two crescent wrenches, here’s what to do if you already have a hard copper line to the back without a shut off valve anywhere in site.

Carefully do it yourself or get a plumber to cut the copper line with a copper pipe cutter, a nice clean cut, a couple of inches this side of where the line comes out of wall or cabinet as long as it’s not crimped, you’re ok to cut it. However, the best thing to do anytime you are connecting a line to either a faucet or refrigerator or whatever the case may be, before you put that last connection on the refrigerator, put that end in a big bucket and turn it on to clear the line of air and grub, because who knows how long it’s been sitting.

Plus, if you’ve got air in the lines, that’s a whole nother headache, trust me you do not want! Get the air out!

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