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As soon as Burnett was assured that Dylan was on board with the project, he agreed to it. Not wishing to encourage competition, the group decided to record all the tunes, including multiple settings of the same lyrics. Of the resulting 40 tracks, 20 are included on the present album. One intriguing facet is the collaboration among the participants. Each has come up with his or her own music for many of the lyrics, resulting in multiple versions of the same songs and allowing a perspective on the ways different artists respond to Dylan’s lyrics. Having transformed music and culture during the preceding five years, Dylan had reached unparalleled heights by the mid s through the release of three historic albums, the groundbreaking single, “Like a Rolling Stone”, a controversial and legendary ” electric ” performance at the Newport Folk Festival and wildly polarizing tours of the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom. Dylan’s mercurial rise and prodigious body of work in that decade came to an abrupt end in July when it was reported that he had nearly been killed in a motorcycle accident in upstate New York. The actual recordings, however, remained commercially unavailable until , when Columbia Records released 16 of them on The Basement Tapes album.

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He begins every year by posing a question to his distinguished roster of authors and invited guests. Last year he asked what sort of counsel each would offer George W. Bush as the nation’s top science adviser. This time the question is “What’s your law? As a New Year’s exercise, he asked scores of leading thinkers in the natural and social sciences for “some bit of wisdom, some rule of nature, some law-like pattern, either grand or small, that you’ve noticed in the universe that might as well be named after you.

Brockman advises his would-be legislators to stick to the scientific disciplines.

Ulsan, South Korea. Raleigh (Nc), United States.

Haim are so often compared to Fleetwood Mac for their melodic harmonies, but they have shed the cloak of comparison to cement such a style as inherently their own. For myself who witnessed their first ever single release and fledgling tour, this second record spurs a surge of pride and joy by the bucketload. Watching a band go from the smallest of starts to the hugest of victories in the space of just 6 years is indescribable in its happiness.

Straight out of the golden age of 90s teen movies, it could have easily soundtracked the final scene from The Breakfast Club. Raise a fist to the sky for Haim! The Movie was a reality, following the sisters hanging out in diners and playing tunes sweeter than heaven. Opening with violent violins that have Carly Rae Jepsen quaking in her boots, this track has Haim unleashing everything they have in one fell swoop of perfection.

Some five hours after the initial listen, the chorus will remain embedded in ears, minds and dancing feet. Whereas their first record was focused on living up to high expectation, STTY is all about fun and Haim sound to be having the time of their lives.

This Haim sister’s photobomb of Cheryl and Liam Payne is a joy to behold

The Myers-Briggs test led most of my high school decisions, and it still continues to do so today. I fondly remember taking the quiz multiple times a year and still being satisfied with my results. INFP, if you were curious. Then came astrology, a more recent obsession that I used to hold a huge suspicion for but now fully believe in.

Feb 05,  · When Este texted Bastille frontman Dan Smith Haim is nominated for best new artist alongside Iggy Azalea, Sam Smith, Brandy Clark and Bastille, .

Get What’s On updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email It was almost impossible to avoid the incredibly catchy guitar-led pop of the Haim sisters when they appeared out of nowhere last year. Their California cool and infectiously giggly interviews endeared them to British music fans instantly.

Their music is slick enough to imagine that they could churn out these tunes without breaking a sweat. But in actual fact the girls spent years honing their skills, first in a covers band with their parents and then playing for other bands, including with The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas. Debut album Days Are Gone is a precisely engineered collection of pop gems. But their live show is a much looser affair in which the girls prove themselves to be an outstanding guitar band and true rock n roll fans.

In fact only Honey and I, with its succulent half riff, manages to remain low key tonight. The sisters seem totally in synch with each other, with each hand clap, riff and synth fill timed to perfection for an enjoyably polished performance. Closing song Let Me Go builds to a stunning show-stopping crescendo of frenzied drumming. But it is a cover of bluesy Fleetwood Mac classic Oh No that really proves these girls can melt your face off if you give them half a chance.

HAIM Wants a Music Festival That Celebrates the Women of Music

Having come from a musical family, the Haim sisters had a long history of performing and playing together and had started the beginnings of their band in but did not consider taking it seriously due to pursuing other interests. Following their regrouping in , they played with bands such as Edward and the Magnetic Zeros and Kesha, before releasing their debut EP “Forever” as a limited free download.

Following a UK tour and growing press coverage, HAIM topped BBC’s annual poll for ‘Sound of ,’ which cemented their success for the following year, being the first all female act to win this accolade. Their debut album, “Days Are Gone” was recorded amidst a busy touring schedule, through which HAIM became renowned for their incendiary live show, which displayed a much rockier side to their music than what was displayed on their studio recordings.

The album was a huge success in the UK, reaching number one in the charts, whilst reaching number six in the US.

Musical acts coming to San Diego this month include Mexrrissey, Bs, Hozier and Noah Cyrus. Conor Oberst & The Mystic River Band. The Nebraska-born singer/songwriter once known as Bright Eyes released his eighth solo studio album, Salutations, in For his upcoming tour, he’s reuniting with The Mystic Valley Band after last releasing an album with them in

Taylor Swift digs Calvin Harris ‘ style. The “Style” singer and the “Blame” hit maker made no attempt to hide their budding romance at Haim’s concert at The Troubador in West Hollywood Thursday. A few concertgoers snapped photos of the two musicians enjoying the show from a private area in the venue. Harris was photographed wrapping his arms around Swift’s waist, and at one point, the pop singer was seen sitting in the EDM producer’s lap!

Given the open space around them, it’s not as if Swift was out of seating options! Swift, 25, and Harris, 31, wore matching black leather jackets. The musicians are both Haim groupies. Neither Swift nor Harris has commented on the status of their relationship, but the new pictures speak volumes. Calvin led the way for Taylor and helped her into the car,” a witness tells E!

The “Shake It Off” singer then traveled to L. Instead, Harris took to Twitter , telling fans, “Thank you. Plus, Harris and Swift understand each other. Even so, a source tells Us Weekly, “Taylor’s just getting to know him, but so far she likes what she sees!


Entertainment Haim urges for more women in the music industry Music industry makes me feel like a failure Kate Nash says the music industry makes musicians “feel like they’re failing” and claims the men who criticise women are not “thinking about the mental safety” of young artists. Kate Nash says the music industry makes musicians “feel like they’re failing”. Haim want to see more women working in the music industry.

Este, Danielle and Alana Haim, better known as the eponymous all-girl trio “Haim,” turn a bar into a dance party in a new video for their catchy tune “Little of Your Love.” The party, in what looks like a country-western honky-tonk, even has some line dancing.

Four years of non-stop touring, performing, travelling, stints living out of suitcases in London, New York, Paris, Sydney, Byron Bay for not one but two Splendour in the Grass appearances and every whistlestop American town with a pizza parlour and a concert venue that a tour bus can roll into. There was a holiday in Hawaii with their friend Taylor Swift, and a bucket-list trip to Reykjavik in Iceland. What there wasn’t was a whole lot of time spent in their hometown in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

Whimn “I’m kind of sad,” Alana says, the chattiest of the three sisters, pulling a dramatic grimace for comedic effect. I’ll have a little sadness-” “Hangover,” Este adds, dryly. That’s one thing you realise when you interview HAIM: The three sisters not only talk over each other, but under and through each other, too. It’s charming to witness, if a little less so to transcribe. That, and they’re huggers. I receive no less than seven embraces over the course of the afternoon. The extra one came from Danielle after we realised we owned the same handbag.

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A Call to Action: An Environmental Management Case Study Thomas Gebhardt, Kimberly Kaphingst, William DeJong March, “The Albany, New York, Committee on University and Community Relations used strategies based on an environmental management approach that focuses on changing the environment in which individuals make decisions about alcohol consumption and related behaviors. Committee initiatives included improving enforcement of local laws and ordinances, creating a safety-awareness campaign for off-campus students, and developing a comprehensive advertising and beverage-service agreement with local tavern owners.

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And, besides, when Hozier did reach toward surprise — as when he brought out Este Haim for a deeply goofy rendition of “Jungle Love” by the Time — the result just made him appear kind of stiff.

Even the guy busking outside for money to buy a ticket to see the show couldn’t contain his excitement to be able to witness Vance’s first solo tour. Since touring with Brisbane’s own favourite son Bernard Fanning recently Joy’s star has begun to rise and his following has swollen to much larger proportions. The run away commercial success of single Rip Tide adding to the hype. Opening with “From Afar” a soft sweet piece to slowly introduce the fans to the evening.

He proves that he is skilled with the guitar, however as a showman he is very quiet and subdued. He rarely speaks and when he does with his tendency to mumble is difficult to hear him. It comes across as a shy man that could be just a little over whelmed by all the hype that surrounds him. Sticking mostly to songs from the album at times the set list is track for track and at this leads to a little predictability for those familiar with the album.

Not surprisingly he steers clear of playing “Rip Tide” too soon, instead launching into a very sweet version of Bruce Springsteen’s ” Dancing in the Dark”. He takes the classic well known song, slows it down and makes it his own. His voice tends to wobble a little during the night and he has an overly noticeable wide vibrato. At moments this is distracting, however the sweetness of the lyrics overcomes the lack of control in his vocal ability.

The highlights for the evening is undoubtedly “Georgia” and “Emmylou”, both such mesmerising songs with bitter sweet themes that lend to a certain sadness and longing. The crowd sings along to Georgia; a saccharine moment as every person sways in unison.

HAIM Plays “What HAIM Is It?”