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Linen sampler embroidered with silk in double running stitch and pattern darning, by unknown maker, Egypt, 15th th century. Given by Mrs F. Cook Samplers derive their English name from the French essamplaire, meaning any kind of work to be copied or imitated. Of particular importance has been the donation of samplers descended through families, which come with their associated histories, as in the group of six related mid th century samplers given by descendants of Margret Mason, a young girl who worked her signed piece in In their earliest form, samplers were put together as personal reference works for embroiderers: They would have been the work, not of children, but of more experienced embroiderers, and some, from their quality, of professionals. Such stitch and pattern collections may have been assembled in a number of cultures where embroidery for decorative effect was widely practised, our knowledge of early examples depending on the few pieces to have survived in rare cases. Linen sampler embroidered with silk, by unknown maker, Germany,

Alphabet Dating: 10 Date Ideas Beginning with B

The opinions expressed in the comment section are the personal views of the commenters. Comments are moderated, so please keep it civil. I have hearing difficulty and this is makes it difficult to hear the letters such as hard c sounds. Thanks for all the help, I am finally learning Hebrew in my 70’s Laurin, July 16, 4: Kuf sofit is pronounced K. A, August 18, 2:

Mar 14,  · YouTube co-founder Steve Chen (center) says the site’s domain name was registered on Valentine’s Day. Richard Nieva/CNET Long before Tinder made swiping a .

Balloons may be Puerto Rico’s best chance for communication Sidewalk Labs released a page document brimming with the company’s extensive ideas, including high-speed ferries, parks that can be adapted to the seasons, and robotic waste removal vehicles. Sidewalk Lab’s plan to fuse smart urban planning with technology is still just a visionary document, but if realized, would likely benefit both the company and Toronto. Sidewalk Labs doesn’t get any ownership of the neighborhood, but gets a massive slab of land to deploy its innovative urban experiment.

Meanwhile, Toronto will at minimum get a lot of help transforming an apparently neglected area of its waterfront into livable, revitalized land. Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, seems to like this idea. The company offered ideas about what the urban experiment might look like. These aren’t just attractive conceptual drawings, but based upon real-life examples of urban renewal. As shown in the images below, Sidewalk Labs shows the transformation of a dreary-looking Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn into a bustling and desirable community — which, it should be noted, the two-year old company was not responsible for.

Williamsburg before urban renewal. Joe Wooldhead What renewed Williamsburg lacks, however, is a deep tech infusion into its urban space. For Quayside, Sidewalk Labs plans to fill the community with a diversity of sensors and cameras to collect information about pedestrian and vehicle flows, pollution, and the condition of infrastructure. This brings to mind blatant privacy issues, but in its document, Sidewalk Labs acknowledges this concern.

To temper these worries, the company claims it would only transmit “metrics,” as opposed to actual video footage. Other futuristic ideas include self-driving taxi bots, which can be hailed by an app.

alphabet dating (: ideas

A series of conventional signs for transcribing the sounds of a language, each sign ideally representing one single sound. This concept must be distinguished from other forms of writing of which there are two main types; a the ideogram, which is a single, often complex sign signifying one word or idea, the sign itself being generally derived from the pictogram, a diagrammatic drawing of the thing signified by the word or illustrating its main aspect; and b the syllabary, which is a series of signs representing syllables, often consonant followed by vowel.

These two forms of writing human speech, which still continue to be used, preceded strictly alphabetic writing see article on Writing. This article will be limited in scope to a discussion and description of such pre-alphabetic series and such alphabets properly so-called as are relevant to the study of the Christian Scriptures and their ramifications. It excludes, therefore, from its purview the Chinese alphabet, its related scripts and derivatives, the alphabets of India and SE Asia, and the indigenous scripts of America.

The article will be divided under the following heads:

Hey guys, So me and my boyfriend have been trying to think of fun ideas over the summer, and every weekend we’ve been choosing dates starting with different letters in the alphabet, so he chose the date for A, then I chose the idea for B and so on, anyway we’re up to D now and it’s my turn and I .

The largest number of scholars favours the Latin alphabet as this template, [9] [10] although the Elder Futhark and even the Greek alphabet have their supporters. The Latin alphabet is the primary contender mainly because its influence at the required period 4th century is most easily established, being widely used in neighbouring Roman Britannia , while the runes in the 4th century were not very widespread even in continental Europe. In Ireland and in Wales, the language of the monumental stone inscriptions is termed Primitive Irish.

The transition to Old Irish , the language of the earliest sources in the Latin alphabet, takes place in about the 6th century. Theories of origin[ edit ] Fol. Scholars such as Carney and MacNeill have suggested that ogham was first created as a cryptic alphabet, designed by the Irish so as not to be understood by those with a knowledge of the Latin alphabet.

The argument is that the sounds of Primitive Irish were regarded as difficult to transcribe into the Latin alphabet, so the invention of a separate alphabet was deemed appropriate. A possible such origin, as suggested by McManus

alphabet dating (: ideas

The Aramaic language has fewer consonants than Arabic, so during the 7th century new Arabic letters were created by adding dots to existing letters in order to avoid ambiguities. Further diacritics indicating short vowels were introduced, but are only generally used to ensure the Qur’an was read aloud without mistakes. There are two main types of written Arabic:

‘Oldest Hebrew alphabet’ is found The finding is about to spark a vivid debate US archaeologists say they have found what could be the immediate precursor to the Hebrew alphabet – .

Share shares An electronic drawing of Sinai a, which includes the separation of words and identification of proto-consonantal letters with biblical or modern Hebrew letters next to them. These Sinai tablets contain what is widely considered the world’s first alphabet, but the language has remained a mystery. On the table Dr Petrovich claims the word ‘Hebrews’ was written.

He used the symbols from the tablet to piece together a rendering of Hebrew script that he took into the field, and used to identify individual letters. Looking at other inscriptions found in Egypt, he came across a number of distinctly Hebrew words, including the naming of three biblical figures – Asenath, Ahisamach and Moses. Evidence for the presence of these Israelites in Egypt has not been discovered before, Dr Petrovich says, and this is one of the main reasons scholars ‘mock’ the bible.

Ahisamach was written on Sinai a and Moses was mentioned on Sinai An inscription, dated to BC, is translated as ‘Wine is more abundant than the daylight, than the baker, than a nobleman. Biblical figures were mentioned including Ahisamach, whose name was written on Sinai a and Moses, who was mentioned on Sinai Moses then provoked astonishment.

It is a year of astonishment, because of the Lady.

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The traditional method of learning the calligraphic hands described and illustrated on this site, dating from the earliest manuscript and print copy-books, has been emulation and replication of alphabets.

The two rows of letters were found on a stone in Israel near Jerusalem. But others have cautioned the writing could be Phoenician. A conference is due to be held later this month. His team – that also includes members from the Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Southern California – discovered the stone on a wall at Tel Zayit, in the Beth Guvrin Valley in the lowlands of ancient Judah. Ron Tappy believes the inscription is a transitory alphabet The 22 letters were carved on one side of the 38lb-stone 17kg – which resembles a bowl on the other.

Mr Tappy told the BBC News website that it may have been put on the wall because of a belief that the alphabet warded off evil. Another member of the team, P Kyle McCarter said it was a “Phoenician type of alphabet that is being adapted” – and as such a transitional abecedary. If the inscription is confirmed as a sample of proto-Hebrew writing, it will fuel further debate and controversy about the existence as early as the 10th Century BC of an advanced political system that has been portrayed in biblical scriptures.


The Calendar Act brought about further changes. The Julian Calendar did not correspond exactly to the solar year. The new Gregorian Calendar cut 10 days from the year in adjustment. Other Catholic countries followed and adopted the Gregorian Calendar but England, being Protestant, did not. England therefore remained 10 days behind the New Style Calendar. By England was some 11 days behind other European countries.

Jan 24,  · Watch video · Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has a new cybersecurity business born from its X department known as the “moonshot factory.” Chronicle, a new project created to help businesses fight cybercrime.

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